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Senior Stress

By Julie DiMasso

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When you start off your senior year, you feel great. It’s your last year of high school, your schedule is exactly the way you want it, and maybe you’re even picking out colleges! After a few months, you look around in your classes and wonder why everyone claims that senior year is the best year of high school. I saw, and still see, dark circles, sometimes tears too, under the eyes of bright students.

In my own experience, I was so excited to begin the end of my high school career. But after two months, I realized that my schedule had too much on it. I ended up dropping up to three of my courses by the end of December, and opted for early dismissal as well. Senior year has been the most stressful year for me and many other students. I applied to colleges, got a job, and maintained my grades, up to my high standards.

I often asked graduates of the class of 2011 what their senior year was like and I heard the same thing: Senior year was stressful and hard to get through, but in the end, it was all worth it. The most fun occurred in the last few months of their senior year.

The fun starts as soon as you stop worrying, and start looking for your prom date or prom dress. When that college acceptance letter arrives in the mail, you’ll never feel prouder of yourself than you do in that moment. You look around, not to see tears of sadness anymore, but tears of joy. The seniors start smiling and can’t sit still in their seats— classes aren’t full of work anymore, they’re full of excitement for your future.

Your hard work has finally paid off, as you walk across the stage at graduation to receive a small piece of paper that defines a chapter of your life. The smile on everyone’s faces confirms that you’ve succeeded, no matter what your class rank or GPA is.

(Note to underclassmen: Don’t pressure yourselves to achieve unreachable goals. Work hard your senior year, but take classes that you know you’ll enjoy and won’t mind participating in every day and you’ll not only get good grades, but you’ll be happy.)

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