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Gas smell causes area of NHS to be evacuated

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NAUGATUCK – During school on Friday, the heavy odor of gasoline caused students in the Applied

Students sit in Davis Auditorium while the source of the gasoline odor at the high school is investigated.

Education wing of Naugatuck High School to be moved into the Davis Auditorium.


“Basically a little bit of gasoline leaked. They used the gasoline to fill the lawn mower, and it spilled. A little bit of dripping,” explained Eileen Mezzo, associate principal of the high school.

School Nurse Deborah Sauers had only one person come in to the health office with gas-related symptoms, but can confirm that it wasn’t serious. “…Gasoline can make you feel a little lightheaded. There’s nothing to have any concern about.”


Sauers also said, “The only problem with gasoline is if it’s in a contained area. The smell is worse than it could be.”

As fans circulated air in the choir room, Christina Batista, a junior, said, “If we were in danger, we wouldn’t be here. They care about their students. They’d be outside dismissing early.”

Although the smell of gas lingered in the hall, the school day continued normally; the learning process remained uninterrupted.



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